hi, I’m jacky (:
hi, I’m jacky (:

hi, I’m jacky (:

✨🤠🪐 welcome to my digital sanctuary;📍 physically i’m in the bay + nyc! ⋆。☁︎。⋆ ゚☾


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I’m a product builder & researcher studying sociology & east asia + hci at harvard. I’m also a founders' bff, matcha latte lover, sweetgreen's #1 fan, an avid pokémon card collector & "jacky of all trades" as my friends like to call me. Find me down windy paths reading, writing & exploring weird internet phenomenons.

my windy paths 🪁 

Currently doing way too much, but mainly:

Built & Launched Magical Products:

Invested in Magical Products + People:

  • at draper associates, dell technologies capital, and salesforce ventures

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“I’ll continue choosing things for myself, choosing these windier paths that don’t seem to make as much sense—the fun paths in life—I look for that in everything now”

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